How Our Trenchless Sewer Repairs Keep Your Pipes Underground, and Your Sunland Home Healthy

If you’re like many homeowners, it’s not often you consider the health of your pipeline system until something goes wrong. The fact that pipeline systems is necessarily out of sight can also make trying to understand or fix the problem yourself especially daunting.

Rooter Drain Experts takes the mystery out of your pipeline system and provides a range of cutting-edge procedures using trenchless technology to fix your pipes. Traditional methods of pipe and sewer repair required digging a long trench in your yard or underneath your home (possibly breaking up your concrete floor to do so) to reach sections of pipe. Trenchless technology eliminates the mess, clean-up, and long job times associated with old-fashioned methods; only a small hole is needed to reach and service your pipe, regardless of whether it’s for a routine cleaning or major repair.

Check out our methods of sewer repair below to see which one could be right for you:

Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining (CIPP)

A minimally invasive, highly flexible repair service that is suitable for pipes suffering from cracks, corrosion, leaky fittings, or other issues. A sewer pipe liner, resembling a deflated fireman’s hose, is affixed to the end of your pipe. High pressures force it inside-out and into your pipe, where it is cured in place. With a lifespan of up to fifty years, CIPP lasts longer than any other pipe material – definitely something to get excited about!

Pipe Bursting

A service perfect for replacing, rather than repairing, a damaged plumbing system. This could be required if the pipes have undergone serious damage, or are simply too old and have run their natural lifespan. In older homes, water and sewage pipes are often of a smaller gauge than more modern houses, reflecting how water use has changed over time; using pipe bursting to update and modernize your plumbing is another application for this procedure.

A bursting head is led through your existing pipe, shattering it. Attached directly behind the bursting head is a length of new pipe, which is laid simultaneously in the same location. This can be done under soil, concrete, and other substrates without disturbing them!

Keeping Your Sunland Home Happy and Healthy

Our highly-trained professionals are ready to serve you, and with our minimally invasive procedures, you’re a phone call away from peace of mind. Contact Rooter Drain Experts today for your sewer and pipe needs in the Sunland area, and keep the heart of your home beating!