Sewer Line Repair Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank, Learn About the Trenchless Way in Burbank

Sewer line repair has traditionally brought to mind crippling expense and time-consuming work that left your property in shambles. Luckily, it isn’t this way anymore, thanks to the innovation of modern trenchless methods. If you’re unfamiliar with the wave of trenchless pipe repair taking over the modern day sewer repair landscape, Rooter Drain Experts is the perfect place to educate yourself. We are proud leaders in trenchless repair methods in the Burbank area.

Faster and cheaper than traditional sewer repair, trenchless methods eliminate the need for digging up landscape or destroying infrastructure. It’s true: we no longer need to destroy your property to lay piping. In fact, we probably don’t need to damage your property at all. Trenchless methods are completed using existing access points to the pipes. If an existing access point can’t be located, our technicians will create just a small hole near the piping to complete the job.

So, what does cutting out all that digging mean for you? Well, for starters, your quality of life will not be interrupted during the repair process. Even better, you won’t pay the extra cost of property remediation after the repairs are complete. Instead of hiring a contractor and landscapers to patch up the damage after we leave, you’ll be finished with the job when we are. What’s more, you won’t be paying extra labor costs for digging. In fact, trenchless repairs usually take just a few days at most, while traditional methods could take weeks.

You might be wondering what the catch is. Rooter Drain Experts is glad to tell you: there isn’t one. Not only is trenchless repair cost and time effective, it is better for the environment and many of the trenchless solutions offered, such as pipe lining, last for fifty years or more and are anti-corrosive and root-resistant.

If you’ve been putting off repairing your sewer line for fear of the price tag, it’s time to give Rooter Drain Experts a call to discuss your trenchless options.