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Pipeline repairs can be one of the most dreaded difficulties of homeownership, but sewer camera sewer inspections from John’s Rooter takes the inconvenience and disruption out of the repair process and gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that their problems are being addressed with the best technicians and equipment in the industry. Whether you have owned your home for many years, or are considering buying a new home, there are many advantages to hiring our team for sewer camera inspections.

How Do Sewer Camera Inspections Work?

Video cameras have become one of the most commonly used tool for repairs because they allow our technicians to accurately detect the type, source, and location of the trouble area, saving homeowners from the inconvenience of pipeline problems in a much more affordable way. By using specially designed sewer cameras, our trained technicians will be able to find exactly what is wrong with your sewer line and get it back in good working order as quickly as possible. When you call our team for a camera inspection, our staff will create two small holes to access the sewer line, then use a monitor to guide our small, waterproof camera through the pipes. Along the way, the camera will record a real-time, high-definition video feed of the entire pipe that will highlight obstructions such as root intrusions, leaks, broken, or collapsed pipe and various types of clogs and buildup.

Our trained technicians rely on our sewer camera inspections to diagnose trouble spots in the sewer line, such as clogs or leaks, and recommend the best solution to rectify the damage before it gets worse. Video camera sewer inspection allows our experts to pinpoint the exact location and nature of the issue, which saves time as well as labor. Even in situations where pipes are buried beneath a home’s foundation or located deep inside walls or floors, video cameras are highly maneuverable and can fit around the tightest corners. Our video camera technology allows us to pinpoint the source of any clog with minimal intrusion – no matter how far down the pipe the trouble spot might be located. A video pipe inspection will record both the depth and physical location of the pipe blockage or breakage, making it easy to see if the sewer line is in need of a repair or replacement. As a result, our services can be relied on outside of emergency situations, and can be deployed on an annual basis to help maintain the integrity and quality of your pipelines.

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