Don’t Wait Until Disaster Strikes, Get Your Pipes Inspected in Canyon County

The worst thing you can do as a property owner is ignore routine maintenance recommendations. As anyone who has ever dealt with a burst water line or backed up sewer line will tell you, it’s worth it to perform regular check-ups on your pipes.

At Rooter Drain Experts, we strive to bring the best in plumbing repairs and services to the Canyon County area. We make a living by providing plumbing solutions and handling pipeline mishaps, but our number one priority is to provide our clients with such exceptional service that they never find themselves on the losing end of a pipeline emergency.

You might be wondering how to avoid suffering through the flooding caused by a burst pipe, or a nasty clog that causes backflow into your home. The answer is simple: arrange for a pipe inspection. Even if your system shows no signs of disrepair, it is essential to the health of the pipelines to have a yearly inspection completed. Regular inspections identify pending issues before they become emergencies. Taking small steps now to maintain a healthy pipeline can help you avoid large scale future disasters.

When you arrange for a pipe inspection, Rooter Drain Experts will send one of our trained technicians out out to your property with a small, high-resolution camera. The camera will have a bright light attached to the end of it, so it can be inserted into the pipeline and provide a well-lit, clear feed to the technician on the surface. The technician will “drive” the camera, or manually maneuver it, through the pipes. You will be welcome to watch the feed or observe its recorded version after. The information obtained from the camera’s journey will give the technician enough information to recommend any beneficial repairs or maintenance.

Don’t wait for it to be too late. Schedule a sewer camera inspection now, so you can avoid a headache later and rest easy at night, knowing you won’t be facing any unexpected pipeline repair expenses in the near future.