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What To Do If You Have Roots in Your Sewer Line in Sacramento

There are lots of factors that can contribute to a clog in your sewer line, such as debris, waste buildup, or quite often, tree roots. If you are located in Sacramento, California and suspect your main sewer line has a tree root obstruction, don’t delay calling us at John’s Rooter to fix this problem for […]

Sewer Line Repair Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank, Learn About the Trenchless Way in Rocklin, California

Sewer line repair has traditionally brought to mind crippling expense and time-consuming work that left your property in shambles. Luckily, it isn’t this way anymore, thanks to the innovation of modern trenchless methods. If you’re unfamiliar with the wave of trenchless pipe repair taking over the modern day sewer repair landscape, John’s Rooter & Plumbing […]

Get Your Drains Cleaned In Before the Fall Ends

Much in the same vein as spring cleaning in your home, many plumbing companies suggest their customers order an annual summer drain cleaning. Summer, while it is a busy time for your family, is also the ideal time for a cleaning. Your sewer system is under more strain to operate efficiently, and with children on […]