5 Reasons Why Trenchless Pipe Lining Is Quick To Install Saving Sacramento Home Owners Money!

There are many benefits to trenchless sewer solutions and as many different solutions for your pipelining issues, and one of them is trenchless pipe lining. At John’s Rooter & Plumbing we offer pipe lining as one of our many trenchless solutions to our Sacramento area customers. A pipe lining is used to repair leaks and cracks in an existing sewer pipes. The lining starts out as an epoxy coated pliable sleeve that we insert into one end of the pipe to be repaired. Once the sleeve is completely unfurled and positioned correctly, we apply hot water or air to the pipe. This causes a reaction that allows the lining to harden and become the new pipe installed within the old one with no major digging whatsoever.

There are many reasons why a trenchless pipe lining is not only quick to install, but it will save you money in the long run. Here are five reasons to consider trenchless pipe lining for your Sacramento home:

1 – Preserves Your Yard

Trenchless pipe lining requires just an access hole to the pipe connection location. There is just a small hole dug down to that point in order to insert the lining into the underground pipe. Nothing else in your yard is disturbed. This means that sidewalks, driveways and landscaping will not be damaged when trenchless repairs are being made.

2 – Quick Installation Time

Because there is no need for major excavation to your property in order to remove an existing underground pipe, the repair work is completed rather quickly. With only one access point required through minimal digging, a trenchless pipe lining can be installed in a fraction of the time it would take for the same repair done through traditional methods.

3 – Environmentally-Friendly

A traditional dig-and-replace sewer line repair typically involves heavy equipment that tends to destroy yards and sidewalks, and with a large trench plowing your yard, your property remains scarred for a long time. With trenchless methods do not involve extensive digging or the use of destructive heavy equipment.

4 – Long Lifespan

One of the major benefits to a trenchless pipe lining is that it will probably never need replacement in the time you own your home. With a lifespan of up to fifty years your new pipe lining will also save you money because it will be the last repair you’ll ever have to make on the pipe it is installed inside of.

5 – An Innovative Solution

Trenchless solutions are nothing short of cutting-edge technology because pipelines can be easily repaired or replaced while keeping everything underground. The upheaval of daily routines and landscaping is completely gone thanks to this advanced technology that allows repairs to go far more quickly and smoothly.

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